What’s leading coastal development next?

11 Sep 2017

Associate Director Phil Smith gave a virtual address to the Sunshine Coast’s recent The Cleantech Effect 2017 conference.

The brief was to reflect on built environment and development outcomes over the past 50 years. As a proud local and involved community member, Phil spoke about the history of Sunshine Coast development and shared four key trends that he thought would shape the future.

  1. Local architectural character. Continuing to develop and celebrate architecture that firmly acknowledges landscape, character and place, touching the earth slightly, with a focus on living that is connected to the ground plane and responsive to climate.
  2. Human-centred liveability. An emerging focus on liveability and what that might feel like within a more human-centred approach to design.
  3. Equity and inclusion as drivers of design. A notion of equity and inclusion will be a powerful shaper of the way we do things here, among them more affordable housing solutions and better access to public spaces.
  4. Reimagining hinterland connections. A reaction and response to climate change that will see the Sunshine Coast create movement and development patterns that rethink connections to the hinterland in a profound way. Changing both transport corridors and encouraging residents to live climatically and seasonally.

As well as his work with Deicke Richards as an architect and urban designer, Phil is President of the Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance.

The Cleantech conference was presented by the Sunshine Coast Council in partnership with Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast. Speakers addressed the environmental and economic impacts of clean technology in the built environment.