Grantham Reconstruction Master Plan

Client: Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Working in close consultation with the Grantham community and Lockyer Valley Regional Council (LVRC), Deicke Richards designed the new master plan for Grantham. Grantham was the single most devastated community following the 2011 Queensland floods. Work on the community’s master plan began in February and was completed in just four months.

The master plan provides a framework for the relocation of flood-affected properties onto to a 935 acre land parcel, adjacent to the township and outside the flood-zone. The relocation is occurring through an unprecedented ‘like-for-like’ voluntary land-swap initiative.

As part of our commission, Deicke Richards provided strategic urban design advice and design facilitation services, working directly with the community and LVRC in a number of workshops run by Jude Munroe. The master plan includes a vision for the revitalisation of the existing town, new residential blocks for flood victims, parkland and a significant investment in new community infrastructure.

Grantham was declared a Reconstruction Area in March. The master plan developed for Council is being administered through the Queensland Reconstruction Authority’s Development Scheme for the site.

Deicke Richards continues to work alongside the LVRC to further establish detailed designs for various precincts in the scheme. The first stage of this is designing shelters to be incorporated with formal landscaping and public open space.